Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Party CofACP Policies

Our Policies in democratic order, for the Commonwealth [Common Weal, Common Good, Common Well-being]

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Party CofACP is a direct democracy, the members make the policies, all other member vote on it as they like, so the policies are democratically made prioritized.

Where the current style parties the executive make up their own policies as they like when they like and break their promises and policies as they like when they like, and do nothing most of the time.

That is why our country is in so much trouble the commonwealth can and is collapsing because of it, Big difference right.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Free speech without persecution


Exit the UN


Ban Islam in Australia


Australian sales tax for foreign companies


Royal commission into family court corruption

Poll 001-100

New poll 101-200

This is the will of the people, our registered members have over 32500 years experience, can’t second guess that, is the whole point of a direct democracy.

Written and authorised by Steven C Wickenden for Commonwealth of Australian Constitution Party [AEC Registration Pending] 3/49 Old Burleigh Road Surfers Paradise 4217 Copyright © All Rights Reserved.